Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control was formed in 2010 to help businesses, residence, schools, local government and farmers eliminate damaging deer, fox, rabbit, wild dogs, goats, pigs, common mynas, pigeons and other non Australian birds from destroying property, produce and Australian fauna and flora.

Pest animals cause great harm to the natural environment and primary industry and are considered one of the most significant threats to economic productivity and environmental values in NSW Australia.

We service the following areas :

  • Central Coast Council
  • Lake Macquarie Council
  • Newcastle Council
  • Cessnock Council
  • Greater Hunter
  • All other areas of NSW Australia when required

Contact us or call Lawrence Bettridge at Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control for a free no obligation quote on 0417 931 588.

  • Deer – fallow dama dama
  • European wild rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • European red fox – Vulpes vulpes
  • Feral goat – Capra hircus
  • Feral pig – Sus scrofa
  • Common Myna
  • Feral pigeon – Columba livia domestica
  • Wild Dogs
  • Feral Ducks-Mallards

Lawrence Arthur Forbes Bettridge, trading as Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control has been issued:

  • Bachelor of Management, UTS.
  • AQFIII Chemcert chemical user accreditation
  • Chemcert accredited (1080 baiting and fumigation)
  • APA member
  • NSW General (Professional) Game Hunting Licence P17048
  • General licence (sect. 120) authorised by National Parks and Wildlife Service to remove animals
  • Kangaroo Harvester Training 2010 SQT6795
  • Licence Type -A,B,D,H.

Call Lawrence for a free no obligation quote on 0417 931 588, Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control will remove those non native Australian feral animals humanly.