Wild Dog Control

Pest Control Wild Dogs-Save Australia

In regards to Wild Dog control you have several options that can be completed by Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control.

  • 1080 Baiting
  • Leg Hold Trapping
  • Caging
  • Shooting

1080 Baiting

Although poisoning programs can be carried out year-round, baiting is most effective when alternative food is scarce.


  • 99.9% of dogs that take the bait will typically die.


  • Signage required, during and for 4 weeks after completion of baiting program
  • A small % of domestic animals could be affected.

Leg Hold Trapping

Leg hold traps can be used within areas that are too small to bait with 1080.


  • No poison used
  • No warning signs or notification required
  • Humane padded jaw traps used


  • Non targeted species can be caught


Caging may be useful for the control of nuisance animals but is not effective as a general dog control method.

Cage traps are used to capture problem dogs where it is undesirable to use 1080 or leg-hold traps. Animals trapped in a cage can be transported away from the area for euthanasia. From an animal welfare perspective, cage traps are preferred over leg-hold traps as fewer injuries are sustained and non-target animals can be released unharmed.


  • Most humane way of control


  • Time consuming


Rifle is equipped with silencer and Digital Night Vision with recorder.


  • Silenced and Night vision equipped rifle with video recorder


  • Dogs need to be sighted