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Yes still the No1 trap in Australia voted by customers for the past 10 years. Over 2500 sold within Australia in the last 3 years.

Please click here and watch video on how to put together the Myna Trap and Holding Cage.

Item: Myna Trap
Wire Diameter: 2mm
Mesh Size: 10mm
Cage Dimensions: (410mm x 410mm x 410mm) and (collapsible)
Material: Sprayed green metal wire

Two entries to cage. Entries are attached to trap cage for installation ease.
Easy to install with two mirrors facing two entries to the trap cage.
5 years of research development + 8 years of production by Central Coast Deer and Vermin Control Australia has gone into this cage trap. Proven design.

Below is free advise and tips on how to trap mynas using the Central Coast Deer and Vermin Controls Myna Magic Humane Cage Trap.
1. Make sure the cage trap is correctly put together, view the video instructions. Mirrors and doors on the inside.
2. Doors should be closed, push hand through to make sure they open and close freely.
3. Place cage trap between where the Myna comes from and goes too. Place in a shady spot, with a clear area around the cage trap so mynas can see that the area is safe. Avoid areas with heavy human and animal traffic.
4. Only put bait within the cage. Small dog and cat biscuits and/or dog meat(devon) roll and/or fruit(figs, berries, etc), or mince. One or two pieces in the entry funnels and a lot more in the middle of cage. Keep the bait fresh. But change the bait, mynas like people prefer different foods. Do not use the same food as you are giving your pets. Animal food can change from batch to batch. Do not overfeed the mynas, they are only small.
5. Monitor the Cage trap daily. And never touch cage during daylight hours where mynas can see you. If the cage trap has been touched by humans or scented by domestic animals give it a wash down with the hose and dry off.
6. If Mynas look at food in cage but do not enter it is because they are already full of food or do not think the food is interesting enough to eat. It sounds like the birds could be trap shy, somebody has tried to catch the birds unsuccessfully within your area.
7. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch birds every day. They may have moved to another food source in the area but will return if the trap has fresh bait.
8. A “caller” bird in the holding chamber of your trap will encourage others to the trap. So, don’t be in a rush to dispose of the first bird caught, as it will call others into the trap, but at the end of the day dispose of the trapped birds as a distressed bird will not call but repel.
9. Use gloves when handling live or dead birds as these birds may carry disease.
Please be patient as the birds may take from 1 to 30 days to enter, depending on the environment. But keep trying as you will be successful if you persist!

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